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If you need EMERGENCY PLUMBING SERVICE and you don’t want to trust your home to a “discount” plumber who will probably cause more damage than the money you “save” by hiring him – Advanced Plumbing & Gas is the company you should call.

Why? It’s very simple.

You see…

We want to be your “BFF” plumber!

We don’t want this to be the first and last time we see each other.

The first time we meet, we will fix whatever’s wrong at the time.

But if you let us, we’ll also carry out a complimentary plumbing safety inspection while we’re there. After all, “A stitch in time saves nine” – as they say.

Remember: We want to keep you as a “Lifetime Customer”!

So we make sure all our Plumbing Services are THE MOST THOROUGH and the MOST PROFESSIONAL in the Kenmore area.

What Our Customers Say

  • Called late on Monday and had a plumber around on Tuesday Morning. Everything was upfront and professional, got done what we needed and replaced a few hoses that needed work. Excellent service all around, very efficient, would definitely recommend to anyone.

    Ebsation Avatar

    Easy to contact and quick call backs. Very open with pricing. Friendly from start to finish.

    Aaron Persijn Avatar
    Aaron Persijn
  • Tom had to replace our main water line from the meter to our house as the old one had rusted through. He was very friendly, a fair price and his work was very neat. He also cleaned up after himself leaving the yard as it was before . Thanks Tom 👍

    Hayden Rogers Avatar
    Hayden Rogers

    I was in dire straits with a dead hot water heater. Tom fixed the problem with a new hot water heater installed straight away. Great service and professional tradesman.



    Peter Bergan Avatar
    Peter Bergan
  • We appreciate the prompt, professional and courteous service that Tom gave when we had problems the other week. He was thorough with his work, and explained everything along the way. We would have no hesitation in using him again for our plumbing needs.

    Karen Mead Avatar
    Karen Mead

    Tom was prompt, professional and very efficient at his work. Explained everything very clearly and knew his stuff. Would definitely recommend!

    Robyn Lyons Avatar
    Robyn Lyons
  • Tom from advanced plumbing was informative and open from the first phone call to his timely arrival at my premises. He efficiently and professionally conducted an information chat which kept me up to speed of details and prices of the job. I recommend Tom and his business is a business to be trusted.

    Carmel Hobbins Avatar
    Carmel Hobbins

    Prompt, professional service. Friendly and excellent job done. I would definitely recommend Advanced Plumbing and Gas!

    Geraldine Avatar

High Water Pressure Now Causing FLOODED HOMES When Flexi-Hoses BURST!

When we come to your home, please let us INSPECT and TEST your water pressure.

Did you know that if you have HIGH WATER PRESSURE, it can VOID THE WARRANTY of your most expensive appliances? This would include the dishwasher. Perhaps your laundry machine. Your gas water heater – you name it.

And homes in the Kenmore area are well-known to suffer from VERY high water pressure.

This can also be the cause behind leaky taps.

Therefore, we take special care and precautions to get your water pressure under control before it’s too late!

We get the job done fast and we get it done RIGHT.

100% Done Right, Guaranteed

One thing people like about us is our unheard-of Money-Back Guarantee…

We absolutely guarantee that we will get your job DONE RIGHT – 100%, cutting no corners and making no excuses – or your job is FREE!

Naturally, we can only make that kind of guarantee if we are TOTALLY CONFIDENT in our abilities.

And we are!

We know the people of Kenmore don’t put up with nonsense. It’s a small community. Word travels fast around here – faster than a new smoothie recipe at Curves!

So you can rest assured you’ll get the absolute best plumbing service you’ve ever had. Plus…

We Are Always Available

We specialise in having a qualified technician “on call” at all times – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Probably hanging out at a café up the road.

When you need us, call us. We’ll get it done immediately. With no excuses.

That means NO REGRETS for you!

With our years of experience and dedication, we have no problem standing behind our work. Every single time.

That’s the kind of confidence you want in the company you choose for your plumbing repairs and maintenance.

After all, when your plumbing quits, it’s the most painful problem you can have.

Will you trust it to just anyone who claims to offer you a “good price” on something questionable?

We make sure to give you our best recommendation for the path we think you should take.

Your “Plumber For Life”

We’re in business for the long haul. That’s why it’s in our best interest to make sure you are satisfied for the long haul!

Otherwise, we’ll never keep you as a Lifetime Customer.

But the only way we’ll stay in business is if Advanced Plumbing & Gas becomes the company you ALWAYS turn to – forever more – when you need us most.

Start by calling us now.

You’ll never need to call anyone else!

Brands We Service

We work with all major brands and hot water system suppliers. Advanced plumbing can recommend, supply and install the best how water systems, tap fittings and gas ovens and more.

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