Blocked Stormwater Drain

The Experts in Clearing Blocked Stormwater Drains

Queensland residents are no strangers to excessive rain, wind and storms, and they know the damage that can be done to valuable homes, assets and infrastructure. Some of this damage and other risks to your property and family can be caused by blocked stormwater drains.

Are you having problems with your stormwater drain?

blocked stormwater drain bannerYou might have noticed:

  • Water collecting around your property
  • Drains full of debris
  • Surface grates not clearing
  • Water not draining correctly or coming out the downpipes
  • Unusual gurgling or rushing water sounds from the drains.

A blocked stormwater drain is definitely a nuisance, but did you know they can also be a safety and health risk – and can even endanger the foundation of your home or premises?

Why unblock stormwater pipe systems?

Stormwater drains blocked by debris, tree roots and infrastructure damage can cause a huge mess and be a total nuisance. But flooding and uncontrolled water caused by blocked stormwater drains are also a risk to:

  • Your home and assets
  • Your family’s health and safety due to flooding or contaminated water
  • Your property’s foundation
  • Your roof and guttering

Fortunately, Advanced Plumbing & Gas are the blocked stormwater specialists in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Moreton Bay regions – and beyond! Our more than ten years of experience unblocking stormwater drains means we’ve seen stormwater drains blocked by every possible type of cause, including:

  • Blocked stormwater drain issues caused by excessive rain and storms
  • Guttering problems
  • Blocked stormwater pipe due to mud, leaves, silt, dirt and other debris
  • Tree roots that penetrate the pipes
  • Stormwater drain or pipe damage and degradation.

Your stormwater drains might also be blocked due to a lack of proper maintenance, or incorrect installation such as poor or misaligned pipes and joints.

If you suspect this is the case, get in touch with Advanced Plumbing & Gas. Our truly professional, experienced and fully qualified and licensed plumbers can do your stormwater drain cleaning, unblocking, repairs and proper installation, and prevent any further damage caused by drain blockages.

How to unblock stormwater drain infrastructure

Our extensive blocked stormwater drain expertise will get your home, property or premises back on track with fast, friendly and affordable service.

We will:

  • Identify the cause of the blockage
  • Remove the blockage
  • With state of the art equipment, inspect the plumbing, pipes and drains for further obstructions or damage
  • Give advice about proper stormwater drain maintenance.


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