Blocked Drains Brisbane

blocked drains brisbane

Do you have a blocked drains? Let Advanced Plumbing & Gas fix it for you. Our plumbers are fully equipped with the tools and experience to unclog any drain. Toilet, laundry, kitchen or bathroom, no matter where the blockage is we can assist you on the spot.

What’s causing my drains to block?

blocked drains brisbane inspection

There are plenty of reasons for your drains to block up. Household drains may become blocked with toilet paper, sanitary items, hair, grease, cooking fat and any non-biodegradable products. Drains outside can also become blocked from trees, tree roots and even movement from the ground causing old sewer pipes to crack and brake allowing toilet paper to get stuck and cause a blockage. At Advanced Plumbing & Gas we can work with you to identify why the blockage may have occurred and provide you with preventative solutions SO THAT IT DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN