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When drains are blocked and a plunger simply won’t do the trick, it can feel like a stressful situation. But luckily there’s Advanced Plumbing and Gas who are equipped with the right tools and machinery to unblock any drain in or around your home.

With prompt service, reasonable prices and available 24/7; we’re the most reliable Brisbane plumbers when it comes to tackling blockages.

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Blocked Toilets

Especially if you’ve only got one toilet in your home – a blockage can be an absolute nightmare.

Not only is it inconvenient to not be able to use the toilet but a toilet blockage can cause serious sanitary problems that modern plumbing was designed to prevent.

Toilet blockages can often be caused from trying to flush sanitary napkins, wet wipes, heavy amounts of toilet paper. or other objects that plumbing pipes are not designed to carry. It’s not uncommon, however, for the blockage to be caused by tree roots growing into your pipes. Whatever the case, Advanced Plumbing and Gas are equipped to deal with any blockage.

Don’t keep trying to flush and have your toilet overflow. Tackle the problem head on by calling Advanced Plumbing and Gas on 1300 232 491.

Blocked Bathroom Sinks & Showers

Blockages can occur in the bathroom from a buildup of thing like clumps of hair, nail clippings, shaving foam, and clumps of toothpaste. When these sink bathroom blockages occur, it makes it hard to perform your everyday tasks such as shaving, brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

As nasty as it may sound to some people, it’s a piece of cake for the plumbers at Advanced Plumbing and Gas.

You may find that drain cleaner or a plunger temporarily fixes the problem but then quickly reappears again – especially if you’re not being restrictive with the flow of water into the drains. For a long-term solutions that lets you open the taps full blast without even a thought of a blocked sink, get in touch with Advanced Plumbing and Gas now on 1300 232 491.

Blocked Kitchen Sinks

One of the most common sink blockages that our Brisbane plumbers come across is in the kitchen – and no wonder!

It’s not difficult for build-ups of food scraps here and there to accumulate in your traps underneath the sink or even further down in the pipe line. The build-up of grease from either handwashing dishes or the continual use of a dishwasher that either causes or assists to cause a blockage.

If a blocked kitchen sink is stopping you from being able to prepare the family meal and you’re spending money on takeout as a result, it’s going to be far cheaper to get Advanced Plumbing and Gas in as soon as possible to get your kitchen fully operational again. Call us now on 1300 232 491.

Other Causes Of Blocked Drains

We’ve already mentioned things like a build up of sanitary items, build up of grease/hair or food scraps/foreign objects – here are the most serious potential causes of clogged drains in your local area, and how Advanced Plumbing fixes the problem and gets you back to normal…

Incorrectly Installed Pipes

Does your subdivision have this problem? Many do. If pipes were laid incorrectly to begin with, years later the serious problems show up.

Ground Movement

Wherever the slightest shifting of the ground has occurred, your pipes could now be misaligned. This eventually causes blockages that can only be remedied by digging up the pipes and putting them back “in line” for clear water flow.


Old pipes corrode – slowly “closing up” inside! When very little water can get through, clogs are certain to plague you until the pipes are replaced.

Tree Root Infiltration

This is very common in Brisbane because of our natural environment. Tree roots are some of the most powerful forces on earth, and can wreak havoc if left unchecked. Just think what they’re doing to your pipes underground without you even knowing it!

Collapsed, Misaligned or Missing Pipes

Whatever the cause, sometimes the pipes underground take a beating. Collapsed pipes are very common in areas where nobody suspected or anticipated a problem. But once this happens, a dig-up must be done and the pipes must be replaced.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a small section of pipe. Misaligned – or even missing pipe – will always cause plumbing problems until they’re replaced.

Ageing Pipes

Old earthenware pipes and drains used rubber O-rings on every joint. Those have a lifespan of 10-15 years MAX and then rapidly deteriorate with age, allowing root infiltration. Once that happens, replacing the line is the only option.

The Right Tools For The Right Job

Our vans are fitted with specialised Blocked Drain equipment, such as the world-famous top-of-the-line Ridgid drain snake machine. We use the most powerful model they make – the Ridgid k1500. It has the horsepower to cut through the most difficult blockages – even tree roots! And with the Ridgid Seesnake camera, monitor, and locator… the cause of your blockage will be discovered and remedied in no time! With this machine, one man can easily clean the heaviest blockages – indoors or out. High-speed cleaning gets the job done faster and better.

Likewise, we use the video camera to locate the exact cause of your problem. This highly-advanced camera gives us a clear, finely-detailed picture of the condition of your pipes. This gives us valuable information so we can repair the problem without wasting time. It even gives us a detailed video report, and we can email you the entire recording.

Once we know what’s going on, we “spot dig” right where the problem is. We repair that location, and then install a new inspection opening to allow further viewing of your pipe work underground.

Preventing Future Problems

Another issue: In the past, drains were never filled with gravel around the pipe when trenches were dug. This makes the old pipe more likely to crack and move due to ground movement. But we always use gravel when we replace your drainage pipes. This prevents
future movement.

As a final resort, we use the ROOTX Treatment, which includes the ROOTX Cutting Head. It’s a formidable cutting head with the power to open up the tree root “spores.” Then we pour a special ROOTX chemical down the drain. It gets into the spores and quickly kills the existing tree roots This powerful chemical is so good, it’s guaranteed to PREVENT RE-GROWTH for 6 months!

Remember: Root intrusion left untreated can restrict flow, cause complete blockage and eventually destroy a sewer or septic system. The roots can even grow and spread throughout your entire drainage system! We’ve seen cases where the roots climbed up into all the small pipes. And then an entire replacement of the drainage system was required.

At Advanced Pluming and Gas, we love what we do! Solving plumbing problems before they become catastrophes – there’s no better feeling than that at the end of the day!

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  • Originally had a technician come out and clear my blocked sewer pipe, he was able to show my via a camera inspection where tree roots were getting into the drain. I got him to replace the section of drainage pipe that was damaged. he kept me in the loop the entire time and was ever so polite will be recommending.

    Sameena Parveen Avatar
    Sameena Parveen

    Tom was able to come within hours of my call about my blocked loo. He had the problem identified and solved promptly. And all very cheerfully. Thanks Tom.

    Joy Tomlinson Avatar
    Joy Tomlinson
  • i had Tom come to my property to fix a drainage issue. He arrived when he said he would and was not only able to fix my problem, he also discovered the pipes under my kitchen sink were about to burst! He was able to fix those on the same day and saved me thousands of dollars!! I'm never going to call anyone else!

    jason Biggs Avatar
    jason Biggs

    Tom arrived on time and cleared a blocked drain.

    Mathew McInerney Avatar
    Mathew McInerney

Advanced Plumbing & Gas to the rescue!

When you call, our experts arrive promptly at your home or business – fully-equipped to solve the problem right away.

We work quickly to diagnose what’s causing the blockage. After all, choosing the right solution depends on the cause of the problem. With decades of experience under our belt, we can efficiently tackle your job.

And we have all the right equipment, too!

Our vans are fitted with specialised Blocked Drain equipment, such as the world-famous top-of-the-line Ridgid drain snake machine. We use the most powerful model they make – the Ridgid k1500. It has the horsepower to cut through the most difficult blockages – even tree roots! And with the Ridgid Seesnake camera, monitor, and locator… the cause of your blockage will be discovered and remedied in no time!

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